(Waiting outside the Bishop's office. Wondering what was in store.)

Sunday I was blessed and set apart as the first counselor in the Young Women's Presidency. I am humbled, terrified, surprised, but most of all EXCITED!!!

(Just after I accepted. You can't see the shock on my face but trust me, it was there.)

I am so humbled to know that Father trusts me with his beautiful daughters. And they are beautiful. I cannot wait to get to know them. The Young Women's program changed my life forever and I have complete faith that it can do the same for the sweet girls I'll be working with.

As the priesthood lay their hands on my head, the boys wandered over and watched intently. Miles was very quiet; soaking it all in and Oliver climbed into my lap and just stared. I love that they had the chance to see the priesthood in action. 

The Bishop blessed me with many things I'll keep private but I will mention the blessings of strength and the physical capacity to do what I have to do in this calling. Hmmmm... Should I be prepared for a lot of late nights??? 

Either way I am so happy  We've already had two presidency meetings and the planning has begun! What an exciting beginning to 2013!


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Leslie Russell said...

Many years ago, I was called into a Young Women presidency and had 4 children at home. One thing I was blessed with was the time to get everything done. After the blessing, I thanked he bishop for the 27 hour day - hahaha. I think this is most exciting FOR THE GIRLS - they are in for a joy!