"Mom, I have to poop.
You can come with me.
I don't need privacy."

I laughed of course (wouldn't you?) and followed him to the bathroom.
We chatted as he went about his "business" discussing exciting topics like spiders, friends, monster trucks, and of course pooh.

 This boy of mine has such a wild heart. He has a strong spirit and an unquenchable determination to fully live every moment of every day. He is listening when I think he's not, learning from observing Drew and I; watching. 
Always watching. 
Soaking up everything around him and playing it back to me when I least expect it.

Today he and I were in the front yard planting. After, he decided to run down the hill after Mable. I stayed behind, lying in the grass. 
He'd run a ways, 
"Mom! Can you see me?" 
"Yes, baby."
A little farther.
"Mom! Can you still see me?"
"Yes son."
Further still.
"MOM!!! Can! You! See! Me???"
"I can still see you hunnie!"

 He is brave but cautious. I am trying to remember to soak up all the ways he needs me right now. I know it's not long before he is too big for the "hold me mama"'s and "stay just a little longer mom"'s. He will be four this month. My baby is growing up before my eyes. 

I love his enthusiasm about life. He gets excited easily and is thrilled with the simplest of surprises. My sweet man. I am so blessed to be his mom.

A few things Miles is especially into these days...

Monster trucks. Oh boy.
Anything and everything outside.
Iron Man.
Music. He LOVES music and dancing.
Babies. He really enjoys helping me care for the tiny ones around here. 
Adults. He enjoys watching our interactions, mimicking us and learning about the lives of grown-ups.
Santa and Christmas.
iPhone games.
Swinging in a blanket.
His grandparents.

I am so proud of the sweet little boy I have. And I can't wait to watch him become an amazing young man.


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Sureye said...

And now you make me want a boy! :)
I have to say, girls are sweet but boys are something else! My stepson is the coolest dude I know and I can't ever get enough of him. It's so cool watching him grow up.