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It's a three day work week.
I'm pretty sure the kids are making sure they get in all the mess making, destruction, drive Quesas craziness they'll need to see them through the long weekend.
That's okay. I'm just gonna breathe through it.
Keep calm and mama on.

So far today...

They flipped the crib over on it's side, ripped the mattress out and filled the crib back up with toys/themselves.

Have strewn every. single. toy. out of the bins and onto various surfaces around the house. I can't really see much of the floor at the moment.

Decided it'd be awesome to make giant wet toilet paper balls and throw them all over the bathroom. The walls and door are covered with sticky, white, disintegrating mush.

Filled a leaky tupperware with water. Dripped it through the house. Wet wet everywhere wet.
 (Did I mention I haven't gotten around to the laundry so we have only zero towels clean? hmm.)

Spilled yogurt, cheese balls, popcorn and sprayed an entire juice box into the air. Seriously, it looked like a geyser. It was kind of amazing really... except for the part where I wanted to toss baby brother into the microwave. That wasn't so great.

Attempted flushing a pull-up down the toilet. Guess who got to fish it out? Yup.

Ripped a library book.

Fought over my iPhone.

Called each other names.


Demanded food, more food, drinks, more drinks. 

Pooped in diapers.

Crushed cheese balls into the rug.


Had a couple fist fights.

But now...

Now they are asleep. Well, everyone except for Miles. He's watching Casper's Christmas or something while eating pretzels and drinking chocolate milk.

And now, Drew is halfway through his first day at his new job as an auditor for the Florida Supreme Court. I'm so proud of him. I really hope he's having a good day.

And now, I am drinking cherry coke (forgive me L! I will begin to do better soon!) and blogging. And I only have two weeks left in the semester. And I am excited again for Christmas/Miles' birthday party. And everything is really okay.

Even though my house is a COMPLETE disaster.
And even though I have had a cold for almost a week.
And even though there are plenty of things to worry about.
Right now, I'm just going to breathe deeply and sit in this moment of still and quiet (minus Casper singing Christmas songs).

Thanksgiving is upon us.

I am thankful for this crazy, messy, busy, beautiful life.


*Post edit- While I was summing up this post the baby (7 months) woke up and Miles decided to take the pretzels, (which he had been shoving in his underwear in attempt to "be a tiger"...your guess is as good as mine) and try to feed them to said baby.


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Tanya said...

Yikes! That kind of sounded like a horrible Dr. Seuss book... haha