My 4 day weekend turned into a five day weekend and it is kinda the best thing ever. 
I. Love. Weekends.
Even with term papers and final exams looming I can't help but look forward to a few days of uninterrupted time with my hubby and kiddos.
There are so many things that I am grateful for.
I am truly more blessed than I deserve.

This morning Oliver, Miles and I celebrated our unexpected day off with a bike ride around the neighborhood. They were so adorable bundled up and holding each other close in the bike trailer. We even spotted a sweet spot for exploring later on when Brother wakes from his nap.

We came home from our walk and Miles learned how to fold laundry. He decided he wants to do chores now so that he can have money of his own. He says he will keep his room clean and help tidy the toys after play.

....7 hours later....

Miles helped me bake a chocolate cake. Pray for me when it comes time to frost the monster. He also assisted Drew with the prepping of the first ever Blimes Family Turkey. My husband hates turkey and has challenged himself to prepare one that is up to his standards. There will be much, much butter involved. I'll keep you posted.

We just finished this weeks Survivor and now I'm faced with the decision between watching more tv with the hubbs (what I really want to do) or doing homework (which I really need to do.) Also, I'd love some sleep. Hmmm.

Miles is still up. We put him to bed about 22 times tonight and none of them took. Finally I gave up and he watched Survivor and now basketball with us. I really don't feel like fighting him to sleep tonight. Some nights it's just easier to let him fall out wherever he lands when his little lids can no longer stay open. 

Anyway, just wanted to finish off this post so it didn't become yet another "draft" in the growing collection. 

Happy Thanksgiving!


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