when sunday nap ends at 5pm...

This break has been wonderful.
So, so good.
It sorta makes me wish we didn't have to go back to real life tomorrow.
But I know myself.
I need the constancy and structure of a schedule holding my feet to the ground and keeping my mind busy with teaching, planning and sorting out which adventure comes next with 6 littles around.
 OCD. It loves an idle mind.
Owning a home daycare keeps the mind occupied and then some.
School helps too.
Then there are my own two cutie pies.
Oh and that darling husband of mine. Can't forget him. ;0)

(We spent some time exploring our neighborhood.)

Back to how amazing this weekend has been...
Drew's turkey was fantastic. It was moist, flavorful and I probably ate like 5 lbs of it myself. Sadly, I ran out of leftovers yesterday. 

The chocolate cake was rich. Very rich. And it turned out a little lopsided. And Oliver smashed my iPhone to bits (inside it's Life Proof case) while I was frosting it. The guy at the Sprint store was convinced I had run it over with the car. he has never seen such damage inside the case. 
Wow. Ollie. Wow. 
But all is well. Everyone enjoyed the cake and a replacement phone is on it's way. Along with a new Life Proof case.

(Both kiddos sleeping in the same room. Makes me very happy.)

We put up the Christmas tree on black friday. The children love it. The bottom half of it is almost completely undecorated. I am trying to relax about it and remember that they will only be tiny for a little bit. I have years and years to create the perfect Christmas tree but only a couple of Christmases with my little babies.

We decided to forgo the black friday sales and have friends over for pizza and games instead. I heart making new friends. It's SO much fun getting to learn what you have in common and what interesting differences there are to explore. One of my favorite parts of living in a college town is that there are always new friends arriving with each new semester. On the other hand, they often move away when they find jobs after graduation but such is life. Distance doesn't determine friendships for me. I kinda LOVE talking on the phone. And don't even get me started on skype! 

(My guys enjoying silly youtube clips.)

Yesterday Drew indulged in the bittersweet finality of the last regular season football Saturday. Sadly, the Noles lost but they are assured a bowl game as well as the ACC championship game so it's not the end quite yet. The boys and I entertained ourselves with errands, homework and naps. 

(Some of the sweet little faces I get to see tomorrow!)

Yes. It was a really great weekend. I am now exactly 8 hours away from the start of my work week and I should either be sleeping or starting a paper on violence, poverty and racism. Yes, it is a big paper. And yes, the subject matter is sad and very hard to research. I don't like some of what I am learning about the workings of the world. But I am becoming empowered to help change it and that is good.

Off to begin...


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The Hargretts said...

What a fun relaxing sounding holiday weekend! Good luck on your paper. I use to have this awesome text book that would help with all paper topic however, someone stole it in my class... seriously I was up at the front picking something up from my professor and came back less than like 3 minutes and my book was gone. Saddest day because I really wanted to keep it. However, I might have some other books I'll have to look. Just let me know =)