thursday and i should be studying...

Should be studying... like always. Or writing a paper... But instead I find myself procrastinating. Facebook, Pintrest, Blogging. There are just so many things on my laptop that are more fun than term papers. But alas, if I don't write brilliance about the ways aggressive and controlling parental tendencies have deleterious effects on preschoolers who will? 

Seriously though, who will?

I'll bake you cookies!!!

So that's it then. I'm on my own to compose eight pages. It doesn't sound like much but I'm feeling intimidated. 

Drew's parents left us today. Sad. I wish they lived closer to us. They are pretty much the best people ever. I totally hit the in-law jack pot. Oliver gave Granny a kiss before they left. It made me happy.

And so here I am. 

Thinking of the million and one things I need to do.
But blogging instead.
Things are different this week.
I feel a little more free.
I'm realizing that the people that are important will stick around and the one's that aren't...
Well, I guess it doesn't really matter what they do.
And that my friends, is a liberating notion.
Sad things are passing and new happy ones are taking their place.
Sometimes you just have to let it go.
Something I tell my OCD ridden self quite often is,
Let Go and Let God.
He does know best after all.

On a fun but unrelated topic...
I think I need to begin writing down the wonderful things that Miles does everyday. Often I find myself criticizing him (in my mind) more than praising him and that is just not okay with me.

Let's see...

Today he made me laugh a lot when he was bustin' some awesome moves to FUN. He would dance wildly then suddenly strike a sweet pose and just. hold. it. So funny. He also systematically took his clothing off piece by piece as the music continued. Not sure what all that was about but it was humorous indeed.

He snuggled with me for a while on the couch today. I thought for a moment the elusive Miles nap might happen but then a tiny cutie pie woke up and Miles (nor I) could resist the baby giggles.

He was climbing onto the couch today when his underwear suddenly fell out of his pants leg. LOLOLOL He laughed and said, "What is going on here!?!" We both enjoyed that moment. 

He enjoyed a tiny ice cream cone with a friend today. He wanted chocolate. He loves ice cream. And sweets of every kind.

Come to think of it I also made cookies today. Big, fat, chewy chocolate chip ones. He snuck a GIANT handful of dough when I wasn't looking. Sigh. My boy.

He also loves monster trucks. I pray he doesn't try to grow a mullet. Please Lord no. 

He is so proud of his very own scriptures. He has begun sharing his testimony with our little family and he is excited to give away a Book of Mormon the missionaries gave us. He asks people "Do you go to church with me?" If they say yes, he tells them they can't have the scriptures then. LOL (We told him the Book of Mormon was supposed to be given to someone that doesn't already have one.) So he's searching for just the right person. :0) My little missionary.

I love him. He is full of personality and I pray everyday that I am doing things right with him. Heaven knows I need all the help I can get.


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