left me undone.

I wonder where I'd be right now if I hadn't been locked out of my sister's boyfriend's apartment that cold night 11 years ago. Would we still have found some coincidental (or not-so coincidental) magical moment alone together where I'd be the real me for a few minutes and you'd turn off the overhead light that was hurting my eyes without me asking you to? Would I ever have visited your tiny college apartment filled with code red bottles and fudge rounds? Would you have played guitar and sang to me? Just me.
"I'll be your best friend forever if you can play Champagne High."
I wasn't bluffing.

Back then I always used to say I didn't believe in coincidence. I don't say it so much anymore but I do still believe it's true. Everything happens for a reason.


I love you. I am so grateful I got to know you and that you were so patient with my ridiculous silly-girl ways. There is no man alive that can love me the way you love me. How did I ever ever get so lucky?


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