angry moms unite.

Bloggin blogggg bllliggity bloggin.....

I was singing that in case you couldn't tell.

Wow is life busy! I am seriously running raged over here. Days are long, weeks are fast, months are warp speed and say what!?! It's about to be November??? Meaning the month before December....The month before my baby turns four. 4!!! I can't even really think about that right now. It's just not ok.

I should definitely be studying right now but it is hard to focus when Mimo is ripping the face off of a Jack-o-Lantern just a foot away. Sometimes I worry about that child. He says " But Mom, sometimes when the fruit rots, we have to tear it apart." Ok, I guess.

I have been working reeeeally hard on not allowing myself to become angry this week. Did you know that anger is a choice? And that we create it through our own negative thoughts? We get angry when things or people aren't the way WE think they should be. Now isn't that just silly? We all know that we cannot force anyone or anything to be what we think it ought to be. Trying to is simply a recipe for aggravation. Well, progress has been made this week sisters! Miles can push my buttons like no other but I am here to say I have only raised my voice at him twice since Sunday. What? You're not impressed? You know what is so interesting about it too, the less I get aggravated/reprimand him the less he persists in behaviors that drive me to the aforementioned mommy nagging. It's almost like he was acting out just to get a reaction from me. Ground breaking I know! Either way I am grateful for the grace the Lord has granted me this week. He is truly teaching me how to be a better mom to this Miles of mine.

Drew is my hero. He has been helping out a lot more here at home lately and it is much needed and appreciated. I would have simply resigned us to live in filth if it weren't for the home day care. I gotta have the place somewhat decent every weekday morning. My job is a blessing and a trial. I suppose it's the same for us all.

I simply cannot end this post without a shout out to my home girl Wendy Bear. I was about to have to spend the day without any cherry coke. Imagine that!?! The horror! But she totally came through for me in a major way. What can I say, I get by with a little help from my friends.

Now I must tend to my son before the jack-o-lantern is reduced to a puddle of rotting fruit mush. Oh wait.


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