There are real people in my life.
People that cry.
People that laugh til they snort.
People that can make me tear up with a text or a photograph.
People with struggles I can't begin to comprehend and strength I will never possess.
People that want me to hold them.
People that call for me when they wake in the night.
People that tell me every mundanely wonderful aspect of their day.
People that tell me like it is.
People with boldness I aspire to.
People that say words like quagmire.
People that judge me.
People that "know what's best."
People that teach me.
About patience.
And love.
And how it's okay that I don't have everything quite together just yet.
People that know what it's like because they've "been there."
Or they ARE there.
Today I am so grateful for people.


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Leslie Russell said...

Oh, you've got it together, hon. The people who think they've got it together who are lost. :)