two days.

Remember how I decided to "live it up" on my two weeks of freedom from school? Yeeeeeeah, scratch that. Instead I started P90X again. Geez I forgot how hard that monster is. I have no idea how hubby does is on a regular basis. The man's a beast. My entire body hurts. But tonight is yoga night and that makes me happy. Ahhh yoga. If it weren't so embarrassing doing certain moves in public, I'd seriously consider becoming certified to instruct. That's one class I never taught when I worked at the Y all those years ago. But alas, two babies later, my body likes to make too many funny sounds when it does yoga. Hubby and I get some good laughs for sure. Love that man.

Tonight I am going to see The Odd Life of Timothy Green with my mama. It's been too long since we had a date night just the two of us. She's one gal I can always count on to be up for hanging out. Maybe I should reconsider my stopping at two kids plan and try once more for a daughter... Will Oliver want to go see chick flicks with me when he's 29? Will Miles hit up Joann's with me for a night of crafting? I'm gonna go with probably not. Hmmmmm.

Things here have been changing so much lately. The longer I'm in school, the more I am learning about the world and life in general. The good, the bad and the ugly. I guess I was so stuck in my own little bubble before that I didn't take the time to really look outside myself and see what was happening all around me. It's exciting. And scary. The more I learn, the more I want to learn. Kinda addictive. I just have to figure out a way to remember everything. And change the things I don't like. Or accept them. Those are pretty much the only options; as always.

******* The first half of this post was written yesterday. And now, maybe, I'll finish and publish it  today.******

Mama and I had a splendid time at the movies last night. Highly recommend. It was such a sweet film with a great message. And the little boy in the movie had a solo dimple. Just like Miles. Sigh. My guy.

I came home to hubby folding laundry. HOT. He has taken over laundry pretty much completely these days and I am SO grateful. That stuff never ends! We finished up a couple loads and snuggled up together. I was so tired and yet we didn't go to sleep til after midnight. Love. It makes you do such foolish things. But sometimes foolish is so very very fun. ;0)

I am so happy I share my life with Drew. He makes me happy in so many ways. I love you baby.

So, now it is Friday and the weekend begins in t-minus 3ish hours.Woot! We have NO plans and it feels so good. And Miles just climbed on my lap so this post is done.

(An outfit I thought I really liked... Then I saw this picture. Hmm.)

Hope you have a good one!


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Domesticated-Bliss said...

I want to see that movie! Go you for doing P90X! I just completed a week of Insanity!