baby brother.

Dear Baby Brother,

I love your sweet baby face. You still have those perfect chubby cheeks I can't help but kiss. You smile and make silly happy faces all day long and your joy is contagious. You love shoes. Boots in particular. It frustrates you to know end that you aren't quite coordinated enough to strut in my tall brown boots. Someday baby. Not too soon though okay? You love to play wild and rowdy games like chase and you love to be tossed into the air. Your big brother is your role model and you try to do everything he does. It is so funny to see you toddling along after him repeating his every move in the best baby brother way you know how. You are the sweetest angel love. Every night after scriptures when mommy says "Prayer Time," you are the first one to clasp your hands and bow down on the rug. You smile every time you see a picture of Jesus; you always have. 

You love to have songs sung to you and to dance to music. You bounce around and do your best to jump those bowed little legs off the ground. Geez you're adorable. You enjoy art time but I suspect you really think of it as just another snack time because more often than not you eat more of the art supplies than you create with. That's okay love, your messy paint face is a beautiful masterpiece to me. 

You are kind of an evil genius just like your brother was at your age. You are still my boobie baby and every night at bed time after I've given you your last drink and say "Night night time Brother," you smile your most precious smile, nod your tiny head like crazy and sign "more" over and over. I cave preeeety much every time. You've got me wrapped around your finger boy. 

You know how to work Daddy pretty well too. Everyday when he gets home you rush to him, arms wide, reaching to be picked up. Your face when you turn back to look at me as he's hugging you is perfection. Love.

You love animals. Especially dogs. And better than that you love dog tails. In Tampa last weekend you would wander over to Tazzy and get so delighted when his tail would smack you in the face. Odd but SO cute. You are crazy for Mable as well. Your face lights up when you have her in your tiny arms.

I love that when I look at you I see so many people I love. Sometimes I see my mother in your face. I often catch a glimpse of Daddy in you. Yesterday you looked up at me and I saw your Pop Pop and it melted my heart. You are a very special boy with so many people that adore you.

I love you. Every single last little bit of you.


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