home again.

We had the very best time this past weekend in Tampa. Sigh. Love those Blimes'. The pictures above have nothing to do with our trip. We were way too busy having fun to take pictures. So not like me I know but it's what happened.

Miles and Oliver basked in the constant attention their cousins poured over them. Drew and I felt like we barely saw them all weekend. It was the perfect mix of fun and relaxation.  

One of my favorite things about hanging out with Drew's family is the laughs. Drew is always funny but when he is with his family it's like someone is constantly setting him up for the perfect punchline. They ALL crack jokes like crazy man. I am SO lucky. I love laughing with him. And them. They are some laughers those Blimes'.

We are home now and back to work. There are still two weeks before fall classes begin however so I am planning on living it up until then. I mean like staying up til 11! Wooooot!!!  ;0) But seriously, I want to have some fun over the next two weeks so if you're in, gimme a shout!

Annnnd last but not least today. Have you seen Elizabeth Birdwell's new website!?! 
Go here and enjoy friends! 
She is amazing and the price is right. It is well worth your time to book a session! We love her and can't wait for our next appointment with her!

She is on FB too so be a dear and "like" her page. Help spread the good word yeah?

Thanks loves! Until next time,


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The Hargretts said...

I'm so happy you guys had a great weekend! I agree with you about the (well now week and a half) time before schools starts! I'm trying to somewhat live it up. At least enjoy not having to constantly read textbooks and such. =) Enjoy!