quesas on wednsday.

Last week we...

Made new friends.
Saw Total Recall and vowed to become a hot ninja woman.
Went to the beach and got rained on.
Colored hair and felt new.
Took down a tree in the yard. A big tree.

We did some other stuff too. Lots of homework for example. Miles had a tough week behavior wise. There were lots of tears and promises never to reproduce again. Yeah. I still wonder how any mother makes it past two. I must be a wimp.

This week a new baby started at my home day care. He's three months old and pure sugar. Sweet sweet baby boys. Love em. It's nice to be able to get my baby fix without having to make my own.

Tomorrow we leave for Tampa. Going to visit the Blimes clan! Here's hoping the trip down and back doesn't drive us all nutso. Drew and I are going to hit the temple Friday morning so that will be a welcome respite. I neeeeed some temple time. Time to step away from this world for a bit.
I am SO ready for this election to be over. People are losing it and I feel myself slipping down into the mayhem. It's SO hard to hold my tongue when I see so much confusion and misrepresentation and at times out right lies. Politicians are very skilled in the art of the spin. They make good look evil and vice versa. Scary.

Lord help me raise my boys with minds open enough to rage against this corrupt corporate greed machine we call a nation. To be bold enough to stand up and make a change. To look past the bottom line to the people underneath it that need our help. May they understand that there is power in serving those less fortunate than themselves. May they do more than trickle a little good here and there and call it charity. May they fight for equality for everyone regardless of whether or not they agree with their choices.

I could go on and on. And someday soon I probably will. But for now, I'm gonna get my Pintrest on!



Kim said...

I also get to go to the temple this week (tomorrow)! I need it for the same reasons (and others:). But when do I not need it? ha! Thank goodness there is One who knows all, and when He comes back, none of this political back-and-forth will matter in the slightest. We won't leave judgments to mortal judges. He will be able to judge with justice and mercy and his word will be the end all, be all. Oh, how we need that, how we need him, so much. I can't wait for that day. He's all that matters in the end! I cannot wait for the temple<3 I hope you have a great time and I know you will:)

Megan Joy said...

Hey girl- if anyone can have 3 kids you can! Think about it, 5 days a week you are taking care of I don't know how many wee ones and I have no doubt you are excellent at it. One thing I remember about you at the Y is that you have the patience of a saint- so if I can handle 3 I have every confidence you can! :)
Also your recent concern about not looking fab on a daily basis reminded me of a comment that Kate from (Jon and Kate plus 8) said in an interview. An interviewer was commenting on how her look has changed over the years and how she puts so much more effort into how she looks now versus when the kids were toddlers and her response was (paraphrasing here) of course I do now, I have the time! Back then I barely had time to brush my teeth, but my kids are older now and much more self sufficient so if I didn't now I would be a slob. So if when Miles and Oliver are 10 and 8 and you are still wearing sweatpants everyday than you can be concerned but until that day comes (which I am sure never will) take it easy on yourself. :)

Tanya said...

Love the hair. It looks so fresh! Makes me want to go out and buy a box of dye...

Mandy said...

Uh. I stopped at ONE kid- and I ain't no wimp, I'm smart. If you stop at 2, you won't be a wimp either. XOXO