passive aggressive and potently flaccid.


That about sums up the past 24 hours around here.

Sometimes I wonder why I am so nice. I say YES a lot. Especially to people I love. And way too often to people I barely know. And so many many times I end up getting myself kicked in the balls for it. Fine, I don't have balls but you get it. You do right?

Service is a good thing. I am aware of this. But yet I have to wonder, "Would service be better if I provided it while making cookies?"  And I think the answer is yes.  Unless of course that service was bathing the elderly.  I think that would be kind of weird to do while making cookies.  There would be a point where you just couldn't tell the difference between forming dough balls and kneading old balls.

And I'm back. If you couldn't tell, hubby took over typing while I got a drink of water. And it makes me laugh so I'm just gonna leave it right there. He is wanting me to make cookies tonight... and apparently thinking dirty thoughts about the elderly. LOVE that man! Dang, I was just getting revved up to go on a blog rant and now I'm laughing! Thank God I married him. Thank you, thank you thank you.

Anyway, as I was saying... Service is a good thing. I am aware of this... Ahh forget it. It's not worth the energy it's gonna take to organize these thoughts into a post that says what I want to say without being childish. Geez I am a big fat whiny baby sometimes.

Speaking of big fat babies. Jenn Beast, bring fat boy over here tomorrow and let me love on those adorable thunders!

Any who, suffice it to say I am not in the best place tonight. Which is sad since I just finished the semester and I am officially on summer break for two weeks! Woooot!

Sorry EB, I'll find the words sometime.

Love you madly,


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Vicky said...

Wow!You had me wondering there for a minute and then cracking up laughing when I found out Drew was writing that! Whew!

Sorry you're feeling frustrated, sad, pushed around? Not sure what has happened, but hope you can push it away and enjoy your next two weeks off from school! Life is short! Too short to stress unless it's life threatening! Take it from someone who was the queen of stressing over other people! Okay, sometimes that was still translates to is, but I have come a long way, baby, and so can you, if you will take a bit of my thoughts! We all love you! You're our movie star!