day care.

This week has been pretty uneventful. 
Ha ha! Just kidding. Life is never uneventful when you have a houseful of 6/7 kids everyday. Running a home  day care is hard for real but I am thankful everyday that I can be at home with my sweet babies while helping  out with the bills. The boys love having so many friends to play with everyday too. It really is a win win. 

Let's see, this week we:

Read Peter and the Wolf and practiced our howling while coloring wolves. Awesome.
Made our very own Dinosaur Rumpus and dipped dino feet in paint to make tracks.
Played way too many rounds of Duck Duck Goose.
Had a ballet class. Yes, we all know first position now. Smile.
Learned a new game "Letter Run." Spot the letters mom hung on the walls and race to them! "Ready, set A...B...C...D...E...F...!" 
Practiced writing our names. These kids are rock stars I tell ya.
Sailed the ocean blue as pirates and princesses.
Made an adorable new friend. (I must adopt a baby from China now. Just sayin'.)
Had the most awesome pillow fight ever.
Created a snow storm with cotton balls. Snow ball fight!!!
Practiced manners and kindness and so much more!

These kiddos are full of energy and curiosity I tell ya. I am so lucky to be the person that gets to help shape their little minds and teach them to love learning. I'm pretty excited for our "school year" to start here in September. I've always done educational activities with them but now that they are really old enough for pre-school it's time to get legit with this thing.

Blimes Family Play School. Has a nice ring to it. Better register it now. Like right now.

I just want to thank all of you parents (past and present) that bring your kids here. I love them and enjoy spending my days with them. And thank you friends for always spreading the word about my child care services. I know my babies will never go hungry with friends like you. 

So blessed on this Friday,


And now  for an insane number of pictures from days past at Blimes Family Play School.

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