i feel.

I feel silly when: I am bustin' some sweet dance moves and I notice all the kids have stopped shakin' their bon bons to stare at me.

I feel fancy when: I use separate towels for my hair and body after my bath.

I feel annoyed when: I have to repeat myself more than twice. Agh!

I feel awesome when: I can see my abs. I have to reeeeally flex but they're there.

I feel totally lame when: I work really hard on dinner and it tastes... like butt. 

I feel alone when: I put myself out there and get rejected.

I feel proud when: I make Drew laugh.

I feel safe when: I'm lying next to Drew at night.

I feel healthy when: I shop at Publix. The only thing I can afford to buy there is produce so my cart is always full of delicious fruits and veggies.

I feel blessed when: I look at my sleeping babies before going to bed at night.

How do you feel?



Erik Jenkins said...

At times I feel like the morning star! Other times I feel like I have come so far. When life feels like it has taken flight, look down below and see the world so bright!

Tanya said...

I feel the same way about Publix! We only buy produce there. We buy everything else at WalMart, but they usually have crappy produce. Someday I want to be rich so I can afford to do all my shopping at Publix... haha

Mandy said...

I feel like I want your hair. It's gawjus and I'm jealous. :)