(Because this picture always makes me laugh)

Drew and I watched the Brian Williams special Mormon In America the other night and I have to say I loved it. Overall I felt it portrayed our religion in a positive light while remaining unbiased. I love to hear the stories of other church members and to be reminded what a magnificent organization our church is. 

I am so proud to belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. If you didn't get a chance to watch the special here's a link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGRtpUbKSNc

In other news, classes begin today. I am enrolled in Family Diversity and Parenting. I'm pretty excited about this semester. Go Noles!!! I have to say I am LOVING learning. I recommend it to everyone! 

Yesterday my daddy saved Ollie from a massive ant hill. We were playing in the yard and I didn't even realize Oliver was standing in the ant bed when Daddy took off sprinting toward him. I haven't seen my Daddy move that fast in...maybe ever! Thank you so much Daddy. That could have been really disastrous  Thankfully he got to him in time and Oliver only got about 15 bites. It was still so scary though. So so glad Daddy saw what was happening and ran to the rescue! 

I have to ask for some help here ladies. Drew and I went shopping for me two nights in a row this weekend TWO NIGHTS! And I was so overwhelmed by choices and just complete lack of direction that both times I walked away with nada. I honestly feel lost as to fashion and trends these days. I can pin cute clothes all day long but when it comes to actually pulling an outfit together... forget it. Ugh. Not that clothing matters AT ALL in the grand scheme but sometimes a gal wants to feel, you know, like a gal. Reading these adorable fashion blogs does little to help also. 

Annnnnnyway, we have book club this week. We are discussing The Fault In Our Stars. It was depressingly lovely and I enjoyed it just the right amount. I'm excited to hang with the girls, eat junk food and discuss love and loss. Yay Book Club!

Also, I need a sitter this Sunday night from like 6 to 9pm if anyone wants to help a sister out! Thank you!

Hope you have a great week!


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Dominique Kobelski said...

I know an excellent sitter. Call me.