woman of the year.

(No, I didn't cut my hair, this is an oooold pic)

Not long ago Drew and I had the pleasure of seeing Nick Offerman at FSU. If you don't know him, shame on you. Immediately get on Hulu and watch Parks and Recreation in it's entirety. It is a great show.

Anyway, on this particular evening, Nick was doing stand up and it was AWESOME. He was funny, musical, genuine, heart warming and full of really really great advice. I was surprised at how much I learned from the show. 

He related a list of 10 ways to be happier/more successful in life and I've been meaning to blog them ever since. A couple of them were just for fun but most of them are really good.

1. Engage in romantic love.
He sang a song he wrote for his wife on her 50th birthday. It was so cute. He talked about making homemade gifts and really trying to incorporate romance into relationships. He reminded me so much of Drew with his guitar and how funny he was up there. As a hopeless romantic, I really enjoyed that part of the show.

2.Say please and thank you.
Basically, be a decent human being. Be kind to people, all people. Don't look at economic status, body type, skin color, political views. Just see a fellow human being and be respectful and kind. I love this and sadly it is STILL a much needed reminder in our world today.

3. Always carry a hanky.
Always be ready to comfort someone who may need it or cheer up a friend who's having a bad day. Love one another.

4. Eat red meat.
This one was funny but I can't really remember what he said. Dang. Just go see the show.

5. Get a hobby.
Develop a talent. We ALL have at least one. Many of us have lots. Pick one and get great at it!

6. Go outside.
Enjoy and appreciate nature. Let your soul be uplifted in the beautiful world God has created just for you.

7. Avoid the mirror.
Don't stress over your appearance. Don't let society tell you what you should look like. Be you and love it.

8. Develop a relationship with Jesus Christ
This one I'm pretty sure he was poking fun at Christians but I am taking the advice at face value b/c to me having a relationship with Jesus Christ is absolutely crucial to having a happy/successful life.

9. Use intoxicants
Obviously I don't subscribe to this idea as Nick meant it but I am all about enjoying simple pleasures in life. Chocolate for example or an ice cold Cherry Coke on a hot day. Use moderation but treat yourself every once in a while.

10. Paddle your own canoe.
You are the master of your own destiny. This is the only life you are going to get on this earth so use it up and make the very most out of it!

We loved his show and recommend it to anyone looking for a great laugh and some life lessons.

I heart you Ron Swanson.


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freya said...

oh ron swanson, love him. he was in a funny little skit on conan last week or something.