(Father's Day  2012)

Right now I'm sitting on a bean bag next to Miles' bed keeping him company while he tries to fall asleep between coughing fits. Poor guy. Through the wall I hear Baby Brother hacking away too. It seems he's able to sleep through it thankfully. Sick kids are the saddest.

This week is Drew's first ever 5K! We're running it together and he is gonna blow me outta the water man. When this guy puts his mind to it he can get IN SHAPE! I was watching him workout today and I gotta say... YUMMY. I'm excited to race again, it's been a long time coming.

I am CRAVING Half Baked by Ben and Jerry. I can NOT believe I lived 29 years without trying it. Now that I have all bets are off. I gotta have it any chance I get. Once again, YUMMY.

Baby Brother has started this really cute grabbing my hand and dragging me off where ever he wants me to go thing. I kinda really love it. He is so stinkin' cute.

Last night Miles went to Vacation Bible School with my friend, it was pretty much his favorite thing ever. He came home so happy and excited. Cute. I remember going to VBS as a kid, it was always a good time.

I am subbing as the Primary Chorister for a sweet friend for a few weeks and it is so fun. I am terrible and a half at leading music but the kids could care less. Kids are pretty cool like that.

Tonight I made bacon wrapped chicken again and I am telling you, it was amazing. You have GOT to try the stuff. Bacon makes everything better.

Remember when I was a vegetarian?   LOL Ah, good times.

Okay, Miles is sleeping now so I can leave this dark room and finish studying for tomorrows exam.


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