date night diaries.

This weekends date night was fun and new for us. Drew and I have been out so much in this town and there reeeeally aren't that many options for activities. 
 I love you but I hate you all at once.

We ditched the kiddos and took off having no idea what we were going to do in this one horse town. After about 20 minutes of driving around we decided to start with dinner at Momo's. Yum! Pizza slices the size of your head. And of course we hit up the cheesy bread as well. Yeah, we had pretty much an entire pizza left over. Made for yummy leftovers all weekend long.

After dinner we decided to go play pool and shoot some darts. Hubby is hot playing pool. He's pretty good but I managed to win a couple games too. It was fun to play again. The last time we played pool we were on our honeymoon. GREAT memories.

 I am horrendous at darts however. Seriously, I coulda killed someone with those things!

Overall it was a fun date. We ended the night grabbing some Ben and Jerry's to go and came home to our sweet little ones sleeping away. It was a good night. 

But seriously, what do you do for fun around here???



Sarah Ann said...

Fun :) I'm TERRIBLE at pool and so many other things like that, but it's fun to try for the hubby's sake!

Unknown said...

If I remember correctly, you won four games out of 5 at pool. That's more than winning a couple games. It was scary to play darts with you though.

Dominique Kobelski said...

Salsa dance on Saturday nights at ,oh the name of the place just suddenly escapes me. mom brain strikes again. I'll get back to you on that.