sunday at big daddy's.

My boys sure do love their Big Daddy's house. They get so excited to go visit him and Mimi and swim in their pool and eat their corn dogs. Ah summer, you are so so good to us.

(Hanging in the backyard.)

 I have had so much fun spending more time with my dad and his sweet fiance over this past year. They make me smile. 
 And they love on my babies, and that makes us all happy.

 (Floating with Big Daddy)

(Ollie wasn't sure about the cold water!)

Ollie loves his Mimi, even though he's insanely attached to mommy right now, I know he still adores her.

(Pool days 2012)

(Pool days 2011, my how they've grown!)

Thanks for making our summer fun and helping us beat the heat Big Daddy and Mimi!!!!


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