i love sweat pants. yes i do. i love sweat pants. how bout u?


I remember back before I had kids, when my best friend became a mother for the first time.
 I would give her SUCH grief about never getting "dressed" or putting on make-up anymore. She laughed and told me I'd be the same one day and I vowed I would ALWAYS try my best everyday to look good. 


Ha. Ha.

Yeaaaaah... About that. I am a hot mess. I mean seriously. One of my daycare parents recently saw me in jeans at pick up time  and got all excited asking if it was date night or something. 
I gotta do better man. Poor poor Drew. He is looking so cute when he comes home from work all suited up and then after his work out, he showers and gets dressed all cute again! And here I am the whole time rockin' the sweat pants, stained tee, bunned hair and saggy boobed sports bra.

I will get better.
I can.
I will.
I must.

In other news, the herb garden is doing pretty well! The boys randomly wander over throughout the day and snag a snack of thyme or basil. They're pretty stinkin' cute. The cilantro and parsley plants are struggling hardcore but everything else is growing great! I LOVE being able to just walk out the french doors and snip the herbs I need for my recipes. So good.

Tonight is the 5K. Wish us luck and cool weather. C'mon Florida, seriously!
Happy weekending!



Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

Good luck tonight!!!

PS, Miles' dino costume....hahahaha that made my day!

Tanya said...

I'm loving all this blogging. It came out of nowhere and now I have stuff to look at! Yay!

MA said...

All I can say is live it up (wearing sweats, etc) while you can bc your kids are going to grow up and you'll miss being a mommy rag lol! Miss you girl. We need to catch up soon!