date night diaries: da doo run run

Last week's date night was awesome. My mama showed up early to babysit so we took off and hit my favorite shopping spot, Goodwill. LOL It's true. I LOVE a bargain. I found 3 shirts and Drew found a couple blazers. My man. He's got style I tell ya.

Bargain hunting.

After that we headed to the park for Drew's first ever 5K! We stayed together the entire race. It was rough at first because his pace is much faster than my usual but by the end we were pretty evenly matched and racing each other to the finish. It was so much fun to finish the race as a team. I'm looking forward to our next one. Our time was 30:50. Not bad for a couple of novices. 

 Note my lumpy shirt... I was carrying an ipod, the car keys and ten bucks. 

 Check out my baby, he's down 36lbs in 3 months!

He's been working out in crap shoes all this time. I told him he couldn't get new shoes until he ran a 5K. Those are his new shoes. Pretty nice.

Here we are after the race. Sweaty but proud.

And of course, we wouldn't be us without finishing our date night off with some delicious treats. Have you tried the Birthday Cake Oreos??? Amazing!!!

Since it was Friday the 13th, we cuddled up on the couch and watched a scary movie in 3D. I do not care to mention the title of the movie because I would NOT recommend it to ANYONE. Bleh!

Still a great date with my favorite guy.



Lindy Allen said...

Way to go!!!! I just picked a 5K to run in October, and you guys are so, so inspiring.

Also, I am loving these blog posts. I have some serious Blimes Times catching up to do tonight!!


Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

Was it The Woman in Black with the Harry Potter kid? We watched that a couple weeks ago and it was NOOOOOOOT good and semi satanic and it seriously gave me bad dreams all night long!!!!

GOod work with that 5k! Ry and I need to get involved and do a race together. He loves running and so do I, when I'm not big and pregnant! eek!

The Hargretts said...

What a fun date night!! Also, WOW I'm just not noticing Drew's weight loss... I feel like a jerk. He looks great!

I have never even heard of birthday cake oreos they must be a hidden treasure.

Great job you two on your 5K! I'm telling you after the first it's addicting.