warrior two.

( If I can't be blond this summer I can at least relive the memories.)

I am supposed to be studying for tomorrow's exam on family ecosystems... instead I am sneaking glimpses of a sexy half naked man doing yoga.

Did I mention life is good?

It is.

To my single readers, here is my advice. It was given to me once long ago and I KNOW it to be absolute.

Marry a man who makes you laugh.

Life gets so intense/overwhelming/hideously ugly sometimes.

That's when a kind, funny man is a life saver. Someone who can help you stop taking things so seriously.

I also recommend one who looks good doing yoga.

But then, whomever you choose, you will be enamored with so he will look good doing anything.

(You and me circa forever ago.)

I feel as though it has been far far too long since I made a list here on TLATOMB. Bahahahahhaa now that's an acronym!

How about a list of my favorite qualities in a friend.

1. A good friend will always eat with you, even if they aren't hungry. Never let your girl be a pig alone, that's just sad.

2. A good friend gets you. You don't have to worry about offending them or over-explaining yourself to them. They just know where you're coming from.

3. A good friend understands that sometimes you have to hang up on them because your kid is dangling from the chandelier.

4. A good friend doesn't judge you when you lose your temper with your kids, they've been there and aren't afraid to tell you so.

5. A good friend tells you you're awesome, often.

6. A good friend is perfectly happy to sit close, hug long and cuddle when it's cold.

7. A good friend is HONEST. She won't lead you astray.

8. A good friend doesn't dim her "shine" around you; nor does she wish you'd dim yours. She wants you to be your best and vice versa.

9. A good friend brings chocolate and watches bad tv with you.

10. A good friend thinks about you as much as you think about them.

There ya go. A happy little list for this lovely Thursday evening. Now back to my yoga man.


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Kristin said...

Love this M! Especially the friendship list :-). Happy Friday!