truer words.

Lord help me raise these boys of mine into men like their father.
He is good. 
So good.
He sees me at my worst and somehow still loves me like my best.

Today is Monday and it began early. 5:35 am. Wow. On a happy note though, my running buddy and I made our best 3 mile time yet!

We stayed up late watching movies with Granny and Pop Pop last night. Love me some Bruce Willis. Yum.
Oliver is sleeping in our room during their visit and it makes his midnight snacking all too easy.
Sometimes when he is half asleep and milk drunk, his aim is... well, it's not good. Last night in a failed attempt to find his precious boobie juice, he face planted into my lips and slurped them both up. Funny way to be woken up. 
That boy is hooked on his boob I tell ya. I'm trying to help him ease up a little bit because lately he's been wandering over to me literally 35ish times per day just to grab a quick snack-a-da-boob. I love him so.
Have I mentioned that Miles is a soccer player now? Yup. He is actually really great at ball handling for his age and he never touches the ball with his hands. I love exploring his many talents and interests and I'm excited to see what he finally settles into someday. I know he will be great at anything he tries. Just like his daddy.

Pintrest is quickly becoming my go to place for recipes. There is just SO much to choose from there! Last night we enjoyed Honey garlic pork and tonight we are trying bacon wrapped chicken. Yes please!!! 

I love cooking. And baking. And writing incomplete sentences. My mentors in my major program do not love that quality in my writing but sometimes I just need to state a quick thought. I don't know, maybe I'll work on it. Bless you for suffering through with me.

I have an exam this week and all is quiet now. Maybe I'll study a quick bit. Or maybe I'll take Miles outside while Baby brother sleeps. Yeah, I think that'll win.

Lord help my GPA.

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freya said...

loving your more frequent posts! i wish i had your motivation to wake up early to exercise! go you guys!

and i'm loving the new blog header!