lazy lazy lazy me.

I have been a SLACKER lately. I'm not blogging, taking photos of my littles or really even facebooking. Pintrest on the other hand........ Ah Pintrest. Who thought of it? Why wasn't it me???

Summer school is in full swing. Drew and I are halfway thru another semester and the work is PILING up. We are crazy yes? But as I just read in my text last night, studies show that higher education increases marital happiness and personal fulfillment. Let's just keep plugging away then shall we?

I miss my blog though. I 'm so grateful for those of you who are still writing. I love reading your lives and seeing your adorable pictures. It's hard to believe it's already July. Miles' entire soccer season is done and Ollie is 15 months old. WHAT?!? It is incredible how fast his life is passing.

Drew has said goodbye to another 10 lbs since I last reported. He's amazing. I am holding steady at 130 and that's ok. Would I love to have a body like the ladies I repin? Yes, yes but I don't really have time for that much work these days. Running is enough. The problem is, I've lost my running buddy and the neighborhood is scary in the dark of the morning. Tips for facing my fear/motivating myself when no one else is counting on me to wake up?

I hear Oliver waking from his nap. The time for blogging is done for today.


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