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I'm HAPPY because...

God is good. So so good.
Miles and I have had a week free of power struggles and anger. THANK YOU MOM for this book.
This week I get to pick up our pictures from this amazing lady. Not to mention the fro yo/gab fest that will ensue. YAY!!! 
I caved in and watched the Bachelorette and Drew and I laughed the whole way through. Bad TV is so good sometimes.
I have begun green thumbin' around the house and it makes me smile.
My man has lost 20 pounds in a month. He's pretty much a rockstar.
I'm making cookies later. These are literally the BEST chocolate chip cookies in the world. But don't mind the recipe, cook them for 13 minutes. Trust me.

Also, I love Pintrest. Old news I know but it just needed to be said.



The Hargretts said...

I can't wait to see more pictures. The ones I saw on facebook were awesome! Also, so happy to see a blog post from you. =)

Lindy said...

20 pounds in a month?!? That is seriously inspiring.

And seriously--those pictures are gorgeous. You are a ridiculously good looking family!