Every now and then I look in the mirror and see you staring back at me. 
Everyone has always said we look just alike but now I see it more and more.
It's kinda the best thing ever.

You have always been so beautiful inside and out.
Beautiful when you were happy and the sun shone on your face as we walked laps around the pond with Lily.
Beautiful when you wept in the bathtub from feelings hurt and gone too long without mending.
Beautiful whether life gave you bliss or anguish.

You bring beauty to trial and to triumph.

Now, more than ever you are teaching me to be strong.
To never give up.
To believe that things will get brighter again.

You have never let me doubt that I am worthy and strong and beautiful.
I still remember you holding Jasmine and I close and whispering that no other girls in the world had ever been so beautiful.

I believed every word. 

Thank you for loving me. I know I didn't make it easy.
Thank you for trusting me and letting me try, fail and try again.
Thank you for teaching me to believe in me.

Sometimes I imagine what it was like to be a babe in your arms. I don't remember but I know it must've been warm and safe and perfect. I like to think about you tickling my little baby toes and smelling my baby hair; all the things I love to do with my own children. I am certain you were beyond crazy about me.  You never hesitated to tell me so as far back as I can remember and I love you for that. And for so many other reasons.

You have been the perfect mother for me. I am quite sure Heavenly Father put us together intentionally. And I am so grateful he did.

Today and everyday, I love you.

And I am grateful for you.

Happy Mother's Day Mama.


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