almost a post.

                                                      (Because this is a hot pic of my hubby and I wanna see it when I open my blog)

Hard to believe it's been almost a month since my last post. Poor, pitiful neglected blog. I still miss you and love you so. Miles is finished napping though (maybe forever) so I'm not quite sure when I will find the time to reconnect with my writing on a regular basis and that makes me sad. He needs me more than I need my blog though.

Yesterday within the span of what seemed like five minutes he scratched my arms to pieces, kicked me in the throat and shoved his baby brother across the room. Heaven help me. I love love love him but this aggression has to stop. Today his punishment for shoving baby brother was taking a nap. He actually went for it too. Amazing. Maybe threat of nap will keep him in line. At least it has worked today. Sorta.

This very same little boy gives the sweetest cuddles and wants so often to be in my arms or on my back or playing silly games with me. He says I love you freely and uses please and thank you more often than not. We lie together before bedtime imagining up beautiful places and fantastically creepy bugs and creatures with our eyes tightly shut and then crack up laughing when we catch one another peeking. He loves to climb trees, adventure through ditches and tunnels and play in water. He is quite the little outdoors man. He loves to play really REALLY loud rock music and dance around the room wildly. He is boy through and through and I am proud to be his mama. I just need to channel his energy into constructive paths. Summer soccer here we come! Also, any and all tips or advice on mothering spirited children welcome below.

Lets's see what else is up here???

I got my grades back from my first semester at Florida State..... 4.0 baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah.

And baby brother just woke up so that is all.



Domesticated-Bliss said...

There is nothing more sexy than a man cleaning :) Glad to see a post from you friend! I miss you!

Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

Good work on the 4.0!!!!!!!!!

Brin throws a pretty nasty attitude my way, but not so much aggressive. If anything, if you do time outs, keep the, consistent and immediately after he hits or is aggressive. At least with brin, when she throws attitude and says something to me in a nasty voice, she goes right into time out and knows mama wasn't happy. Does it work? For the moment yes, but long term, not sure because she throws attitude everyday!

Michelle said...

Yeah for 4.0. I love a consequence that make mama's life easier. Nap, yes, take a nap :) I used to complain when Rand would give the kids a punishment that punished me. "No T.V. tomorrow." Great, now I have a bored kid following me around all day. Now he gives them extra chores - win/win!