twenty twelve

Ah, nap time is here again. All is calm. Well, the teen moms on mtv are a hot mess in the background. Those poor girls. Why do I watch these shows? It's like a human train wreck... that's why.  Don't even get me started on The Bachelor. Oh Courtney, you need serious serious help. I know a guy who can fix you right up sweetie pie. And Ben, if I could reach through the tv and chop off those scraggly bedraggled locks I would in a heart beat. Thanks again Shelley for getting me hooked on that show. I love your face.


So, I am really enjoying having this laptop. It's nice to be able to blog again. Oh and do homework of course (that's reeeeally why I got it). Speaking of, I need to be watching my hour and a half long lecture while these babes sleep instead of blogging but it can wait just a few more minutes yes?


It is half way thru January and I have yet to post any resolutions or a recap of 2011... Slow mama with two babes, a full time job and school. EXCUSES EXCUSES. Oh I am full of them ladies.

Let me see, what are my goals for 2010...

Draw closer to the Savior. A goal of mine every year. We can never be close enough.

Stay in school. That's a big one. And of course getting good grades goes along with that one.

Figure out how to feed my family better. Less Hot and Ready's and more veggies. Yes, that would be good.

Read more. Book club should take care of that one nicely. (Don't forget ladies, our meeting is in two days!)

Spend a little time each week becoming a better wife and mother. There are so many simple ways to improve upon the love I give to the men in my life. Plus, it's nice to spoil the ones you love every once in a while.

Take time for myself. Sometimes I get so caught up in all the things I want/need to do for others that I completely forget to please me. MUST DO BETTER about this. Maybe I should take myself to Goodwill every monday for 1/2 clothing day. The dream! Ok, maybe not every monday. Fine.

Blog more! This shouldn't be too hard considering chronicling my life is one of my favorite pass times. Past times? Whatev. It may be a tad narcissistic but it makes me happy.

There are so many more goals I have but the list is already looking a little lengthy to me so I'll put a pin in it for now.

Hope 2012 is bright for us all. Let's get our school on, have some babies, exercise more, serve others... all the good things I know we all want!




Meagan said...

Pssssh what's homework.....lol.

Your little Oliver is getting so big I don't believe at allll that he will be turning a year in just a few short months!

freya said...

yay marquesas! so glad blogging is on your list of to dos! but with two kids, a job, school, and a life to live i don't blame you for saying you've got excuses!
those are great resolutions!

i agree with meagan, i can't believe how big he is! i loved watching him in sunday school :)

Wonsch Family said...

awesome rez's for the year. Love that pic of you and Miles. He is such your little twinner. I have another rez for me and you...Hang out more!!! We did not have enough fun last year for sure! Can't wait for the girls trip, gonna be awesome!!!