Oh hello there.

Yes, I live! Though right now I wish I were napping along with the rest of my baby filled household. (Long night filled with a teething baby and a bed hopping three year old. Dang I love em though.) Is there anything better in this world than family? I think not.

There have been so many moments over the past few months when I find myself smiling inside as I look around and see all the love that lives in this tiny house with me. I am truly so blessed. 

I honestly don't know what I did right to deserve such a richness of  joy in my little family. But I wouldn't trade it for anything.  Sigh. My boys.

Buuuuuut, I have missed blogging so much since baby Oliver joined us. The boy is pure sugar but he's a real time suck I tell ya. And now that I am going to Florida State (oh, did you not hear? I'm a Nole girl now baby) These classes are just one more distraction from blogging. Does the world not realize that I need my writing fix? 


This semester I am taking Statistics (whoa... thank goodness I married a math genius) and Family Relationships. So far so good.  Pray for me. One class is online and the other is after work on Mon and Wed. It's pretty busy but busy works for me. Until I can't get my blog on, then we got a problem.

But I am ready to get back to this old blog. I hope to be able to catch up on all of yours as well cuz I miss your faces! (And gettin all up in your bidnuss of course).

Hope all is well.


Meagan said...

Hip Hip Hoooray!!!!!

I feel like I haven't seen your pretty face in awhile girl!! The holidays are definitely a drag seeing all my favorite peeps on Sundays!

Congrats on going to FSU! If you need any help on those nights let me know.

Gabe and Christina said...

Welcome back Seminole!

Lindy said...

Welcome back! To blogging and to school. I really have missed reading your blog, but with two kids and mom and dad both working and going to school...I get it. :)

Good luck!

Kristin said...

I've missed you so much M! Welcome back to blogland :-) Love, ~K

Julie said...

If you ever have any stats questions your smart hubby can't help you with - send me a FB message. Got my masters in stats at good 'ole FSU a few years back. :)