some things.

It seems unreal that my sweet Oliver is already 6 weeks old. Is it just me or is time moving at warp speed??? He is really starting to come to life and he just gets cuter by the minute. I love love love him.

Also, Miles is potty training; practically finished potty training in fact. WHAT!?! He is going on outings in his undies and almost never has accidents! Wow. How did I get here? I have to say though, it feels pretty awesome to know that I have potty trained a child.  A two year old no less! Of course Miles must get the majority of the credit because let's face it; he's awesome, but I am still patting myself on the back. :0)

Drew and I had a lovely anniversary a couple weeks ago. 6 years. Like I said warp speed. Of course our traditional anniversary letters were wonderful. His was better (as always). The man knows me. That is for sure. I am lucky to be his. We are lucky to have each other.

I got the ok to begin exercise again so lets all cheer for that yes? Now, I just have to convince my body that it doesnt need all the junk I have been feeding it for the past few months. Oh pregnancy, how you ruin a healthy diet... Shouldn't it be the opposite? Yes. Luckily we only have a few Reese's Eggs left so soon there will be none to tempt me until Halloween when the Reese's Pumpkins arrive. Yum.

And... I'm blonde again. Yes, it's something about summer... I just have to lighten my hair. It's a sickness really. But I loooove it!

Ok, enough rambling for now. I have an apple to eat (yay) and hopefully some blogs to read permitting Oliver stays asleep!



Meagan said...

Those 6 weeks definitely FLEEEEW by!!! Glad you get to start working out again.

I need to get my booty moving because I need to be in a swimsuit in 2 weeks and my bod looks frightening!!

Wonsch Family said...

Yay for exercise!!! I'm almost there(PRN) and then I'm totally in for the C25K if you still wanna? Oh and that's a super cute blond pic of you :) You look so young!

Lindy said...

First of all: YAY! A new blog post! I miss your blog. But understand taht you've been busy. Raising the future of America and what not.

Second of all: You look super hot with your new hair! And I can't wait to be inspired by your workouts again.

The Hargretts said...

I agree with Lindy... It was so nice to see you had a new blog post. I love reading about your cute family!

Love the new hair color FYI looks so fresh and so clean =)

Domesticated-Bliss said...

I've always loved you as a blonde! I can't believe miles is potty trained! And there is no way that Oliver is 6 weeks old!!!!!

ashley in wonderland said...

you have such pretty hair