mail call...

Miles and I enjoying the hot hot heat. It was so sweltering out, I really wished I coulda been naked too.

 His face! Oh, it makes me so happy!

Dear Waistline,
     Slowly but surely you are returning to me. Welcome welcome welcome!

Dear Sleep Deprivation,
     You make me a zombie. But you make me grouchiest in the middle of the night when it feels like everyone in the world but me (and oliver) is sleeping. Boo.

Dear Boys of Mine,
     I'm so glad there are two of you now. You make me smile and laugh and a little crazy but it is good. So good.

Dear Readers, 
     Did you miss me? I missed you. And I thank you for your support and advice. I need all the help I can get over here.

Dear Soda,
     I will always love you. Even though it has been a month since we last enjoyed one another I still think of you every day and promise to see you again someday when my body is my own again.

Dear Boobs,
     Can we just choose one size and stay there? Seriously, I need to buy a new bra but what the heck size do I get when the milk flowing in and out of you and constantly changes you from enormous to insanely enormous!?!

Dear Ladies,
     Do I hear a Girl's Night Out calling? I think yes. And SOON!

Dear Husband,
     Can you please go out and buy the rest of the Reese's Eggs left in every store. I am seriously so sad that their season has once again come to an end. They really are one of the best parts of spring.

Dear Photos of Me,
     Please stop being so brutally honest. I know I am getting older, but you don't have to be so very revealing of my every flaw!

Dear Self,
     You are a rockstar and nothing can stop you. 

Dear Mama,
     I had the most fun on our little ICEE adventure the other day. It felt really good to laugh with you.




Domesticated-Bliss said...

Well I definitely missed you! Congrats on 100 followers!

Pile o' Craft said...

I missed you!! Glad you're back. You're babies are so, so cute.

Mandy said...

Your waistline is rockin'. And that was from me seeing you 2 weeks ago.

PS: Your boobs rock too. I miss milk boobs. They're lovely. :)

Jenn said...

We all missed you, and I still do for some reason...glad to read a new post, though! Your boys are the cutest. Wish I could come visit today. One day!

Meagan said...

Um, GIRLS NIGHT STAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenn said...

I love the picture of the boys together. Pulls at my heart strings. Also, you look just like your mama in one up top.

Tonya said...

A great blog!! You are a wonderful writer! Glad to be a part of your 100!! =}

Tonya said...

I forgot to add... love the photo of both the babies - little & big brother - just precious!!

The Miller Family said...

Love your Mail Call posts. And I swear Oliver is one of the most beautiful babies I've EVER laid my eyes on. He looks perfect sitting there in Miles' arms. :o)

Wonsch Family said...

Yay!!! I get so excited when I've seen that you've posted! Girl's Night please!!! Oh and next year you've got to try a Reester Bunny, soooooooooooooo yummy!!!!!!

The Hargretts said...

I have missed you!!! I when I saw you had a mail call I got really excited. Welcome back! Love the picture of Miles and Oliver SOO cute =)

Michelle said...

That picture of Miles and Oliver is sooo cute. I love Oliver's little turned up nose. Can't wait to see him in June!

Kristin said...

Hi M! Blogland misses you too :-)! Glad to hear that all are well though, and especially glad for my ever-favorite mail call post! They always make my day! Sending lots of hugs, your old and absent friend, ~K <3

Katrina {calikatrina.blogspot.com} said...

LOVE this post! And those sweet little ones... don't you just love being mama to 2 boys?! It's my favorite thing ever. :)