things I'm looking forward to...

(Me after losing the baby weight from Miles... My what a journey I have ahead of me...)

Holding a tiny new life that drew and I made together.
Breastfeeding. Pretty much the greatest thing ever.
Sleeping on my stomach again. I miss this SOOOOO much.
Wearing my favorite dresses.
Seeing Miles as a big brother.
Working out like a beast.
Reaping the rewards of my hard hard hard work.
My legs (and other parts) no longer looking like road maps. Or at least looking less like road maps.
Being able to move around without grunting like a wart hog.

What are you looking forward to this Wednesday?



Domesticated-Bliss said...

Looking forward to my new kitchen! Can't wait to post about that one :)

Also, can't wait to meet Blimes #2!

Meagan said...

This baby going HOME!!!!!!!!!