mail call...

Dear Barbie,
     Do you feel like a blimp like me? Does it hurt to sit down/stand up/move because of the bulging veins bursting outta the backs of your thighs/lady parts/hiney? I hope not. I also hope we have these babies soon.

Dear Body,
     Are you ruined forever? I thought the old wives tales said that baby girls "steal your beauty." I'm pretty sure you're carrying a boy. Didn't you get the memo?

Dear Miles,
     You are ridiculously adorable. You make getting up in the mornings worth it. I love your imagination, your sense of humor and your obsession with my "big ole belly." You are so precious.

Dear Drew,
     Someday soon we'll play guitar together again. When we're not both working 11 hr days. And you don't have homework coming out of your butt. I reeeeeally hope all this hard work pays off in a big way.

Dear Lindsey,
     Thank you for coming over and picking up after me and my family's slovenly ways. And, thank you for thinking of me and my incessant ICEE cravings pretty much daily. I love you. Also, how did you not know where to go to find an ICEE? (You haven't lived my friend!)

Dear Jasmine,
     I'm getting pretty excited for the fabulous party you've been plotting. You are good to me.

Dear You,
     One year sober. That is amazing. I couldn't be happier or more proud to call you mine. I know it hasn't been an easy road but you are winning and that makes me happy.

Dear Baby Brother,
     What is your name little buddy? Would you mind terribly if we just named you Baby Brother Blimes? Miles already has that one down. Anyway, if you could clue us in anytime soon that'd be super. Love you little boy.

Dear Mid-Wife,
     Don't think I didn't notice how you practically shoved me out of your office the other day. I mean, I know it was the end of the day and all but I am a PAYING customer. I think I deserve a little better. Just sayin.

Dear Tracy,
     I love you. I want to talk to you soon so I can know for myself that you're okay and not afraid. I'll keep praying for you and hoping for your swift recovery.

Dear Shelley,
     I just heard your little cutie pie cry from my bedroom. That means she's awake and it's time to post this and snag her. You are a lucky mama to have such a perfect little princess! (Even if she did pooh all over my house yesterday) ;0)


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Barbie and Craig said...

YES! I made the mail call!!! And FIRST at that...call me silly, but it made my crappy day better.

Yes, I feel like a blimp. a giant, giant blimp. Although I am proud of my weight gain vs. my pregnancy with P man (current 27 vs. total 60). It hurts SO BAD to move because I think my pubic bone is going to crack in half. I don't have vein issues, and I am so sorry for yours :( but I have pubic bone issues like none other. I have taken a few belly shots, but I lost my camera cord, wah, so I can't post any pictures. Hence the lack of blogging, too. I feel like such a lazy piece right now and I don't care for the feeling. So much for nesting. OH, and my child drives me insane. He is so much naughtier than usual, and I just don't have the patience! I wish I did because I love him SO MUCH but he is giving me a run for my money right now. Those are my biggest complaints. wah. wah. wah. it's all I feel like doing. wah.

I've never heard that girls steal your beauty, but that explains a lot!

It's almost here, which kinda makes me cringe because I just don't feel ready. I feel ready to not be pregs, but not ready to be a mom of two, which then makes me feel even crappier for feeling that way. wah. my baby shower is tonight, so hopefully that will get me outta my funk! Thankfully I don't feel like wah-ing every day, but today is especially wah-ish. Thanks for giving me a little ray of sunshine in my day today :) Love to you and Miles and baby brother. What happened with the name? It makes me sad because I LOOOOOVED it! xoxoxo