a smile in my inbox.

This morning I got an email from a sweetie pie and she included this oooold photo of Drew and I. 

It was taken not long after Drew returned from his mission and we were in freshly reunited bliss. Maybe not even engaged yet.

I love it. 

The way we are just lost in each others arms and some inside joke while the rest of the world is moving on around us makes my heart so happy. I have no idea what we were laughing at but I'm sure Drew had just said something funny in my ear. 

He is so so funny.

Seeing this today has been perfect. It reminded me of how simple our life really is. 
We just have to love each other. 
And keep laughing. 
Things are challenging, long work hours, late nights. 
But we chose this life together. 
 We chose one another to share it all with. 
We choose it everyday over and over.
And I still know I'm making the absolute right choice.
Smartest thing I've ever done.
Love you hunnie.

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