Ran a mile tonight out of sheer desperation to end this pregnancy. It didn't work. Two weeks til my due date. Much to do, plan and decide but mostly I'm just ready to begin this new chapter.
Grab the bull by the horns I suppose.
Then again I want to snuggle Drew and Miles a little closer and hang on to life with just the three of us a little longer.
It's coming.
Maybe we're ready, maybe not.
But either way it's coming.
And I can't help but wonder...
What have I gotten myself into???



Domesticated-Bliss said...

Oh you poor thing! That baby will come when he's supposed to :)

BTW - I was so sad I missed your shower :( We're going through home remodel H3LL and this weekend was tile!

I hope you had a blast and got lots and lots of diapers!

Barbie and Craig said...

Saaaaame thing I've gotten myself into. What were we thinking?!

Oh, right. Another beautiful and wonderful blessing from our Heavenly Father, which we promised to bring into this world and love and cherish and teach! Remember what life was like before our firstborns? Me neither! That's cause it's just SO MUCH BETTER now. And that's how we're gonna feel down the road from here. How did we ever live without these little people???

Plus, these little babies are going to make our little boys BIG brothers. So fun!

Love you, M! You'll probably beat me to the baby, so don't feel bad! xoxo