38 weeks. lord help us all.

Thoughts from Baby Mama: "I need a break."
Weight: 163.2 (2lbs shy of what I weighed when Miles was born.)
Cravings: Sweets. As usual.
Clothes that still fit: Ha!
Baby Prep Completed: We are hooked up with diapers and pretty much ready but there are still so many things I feel need to get done before he arrives...
Disgusting Killer Vein Update: I just ignore them now. It's pointless to care about something you can't do anything about.
Baby Daddy: Working 11 hour days to try to get some leave for when baby arrives + MBA program = BUSY and TIRED.
Stretch Marks: Still staying away but I seriously don't see how baby boy can get any bigger without my stomach bursting open.
Big Brother: Has decided that sleeping through the night and/or past 5am is lame.
Post Baby Plans: 4 weeks off work. (2 with my home daycare closed and 2 with an assistant working here for me.) Then back in the saddle.

Hang in there everyone! This wild ride is almost over and soon we'll have an adorable baby boy to show for it!



Mandy said...

You still look GORGEOUS (and you know I hate fakeness, erego, I'm telling the ABSOLUTE TRUTH)can't wait to see the lil guy! I hope he comes soon for you! (Cause I do remember the misery. Too well. Hence why there's only one baby for me!)

Megan Joy said...

bless your heart!! What a wonderful positive attitude!! You go girl!!