one for the books.

Saturday night Drew and I and our dear friends Joe-Z and Lindsey went out to celebrate my Golden Birthday! I turn 28 on the 28th today! 28. Wow. Anyway, we dined and dished and it was fabulous just as I knew it would be. 

Afterwards Drew and I were headed to target to shop for my birthday gift... a bicycle woo hoo!!! What? Doesn't every full term baby mama want a bike? 

Anyway, while we were in the store Lindsey called and said we forgot to take a group shot of the four of us to commemorate my big day (she's a photog so she notices things like that) and that they were coming over to Target real quick so we could take a pic.

I told her what isle we were in and Drew and I wandered until we found them. 

She and Joe-Z were standing at the end of an aisle looking like they had just bumped into someone they knew when I spotted them. SIDE NOTE: I was wearing my new bike helmet and carrying a stuffed lamb we were considering buying for our new addition. I pretty much looked like a total goober.

Drew and I headed over toward them and just as we rounded the corner I see a big group of people all gathered there. And then they all started singing! Happy Birthday to me! And Lindsey whips out this HUGE  DELICIOUS looking cupcake. Candle and all. I was so touched. What was even better was when I realized that I didn't know a single one of the people singing (other than L + J)! Lindsey and Joe-Z had solicited like 20 random people to stop what they were doing and sing to me in the middle of Target. When I realized that I cried. 

That's what I do when someone does something really really nice for me. Something that says "I love you and here's how much." I love y'all too.

Thank you Lindsey and Joe-Z for making it a birthday to remember always.

Tonight, dinner with my main squeeze. And maybe some labor pains yes? Yeah, prolly not huh?
Only 6 days our til due date!!! And still no name in sight...



Meagan said...

That is so sweet of her!!! Aren't birthdays the best??? I will send good vibes your way that labor pains happen!!! Just go with Moses :-) Problem solved!

Domesticated-Bliss said...

Happy Birthday! Lindsay is just sooo sweet and thoughtful I would've cried too :)

Kristen said...

I can only imagine Lindsey walking around and gathering people to sing to you! Such a sweet thing to do!
I'm sure as soon as you see that sweet little baby boy's face you'll know what to name him!

The Hargretts said...

That is so awesome that Lindsey got 20 random people to sing!! That's so exciting that you got a new bike too... you'll have to come out with Freya and I sometime. we like the St. Marks trail a lot =) HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Wonsch Family said...

awww how awesome! Good idea Lindz. I wish Brad and I could have been there to celebrate with you, but know that we love you and hope that your golden bday was WONDERFUL!!!

freya said...

that's amazing! what an awesome thing to do for someone on their birthday! and that cupcake looks delish!

you definitely should go st. marks trailing with us girl!

White Folk said...

That was so stinkin' sweet of Lindsey! And that is soooo something she would do! Consider this a small Happy Birthday shout out to you M from the White Folk! :)

Gabe and Christina said...

Happy Birthday, 26 minutes late!!! Sounds awesome and I hope you had a great birthday dinner tonight! Can't wait to see pics of the new munchkin when he arrives!