come out come out...

(Good news makes this gal giddy!!!)

Yesterday at my OB appointment my mid wife and I were discussing the baby's lack of movement over the past few days (and my misery at the thought of being pregnant for one more second) and we decided that the best thing to do at this point is HAVE this baby!

We are going in Friday morning at 7:30 to get this show on the road. THIS FRIDAY!!!

My baby will most likely be born on April Fools Day. :0)  I think that's kinda awesome. And I think he will too.


So let's get pumped people! I told her I was planning on trying to have him without the epidural but if the pain became as mind altering as it was with Miles I was definitely going to  have one. She agreed it was a good idea. We both want me mentally present for the birth of the baby. :0)

Now here's the problemo... Drew and I are still on the fence about what to name this kid! So I made a baby name poll and I neeeeed you to vote!

Click here and put in your two cents if you would!

I am so so so ready to bring this little guy home and begin life as four.

Thanks in advance for your baby naming help!



Wonsch Family said...

I'm sooo soooo sooooooo super excited for Friday!!! I can NOT wait to meet this little boy!

Kristen said...

I tried to vote but it wouldn't let me so I'm posting my vote on here. I LOVE the name Jude! My second vote if I get one would be Oliver. But each of the names have such a cool vibe to them. If I get lucky my children will get ok names. Lance suggests names like Oswald and Ozzy.
I hope you have a great labor! And teach Drew how to get on here and post pictures for you!

Megan Joy said...

Congrats!! Very exciting! I voted but obvioiusly all that matters is what you two love and when you see your little one I am sure it will come to you. Addison wasn't even an option for her at first. But when I looked in her little eyes I knew she would be my little Addy. I prefered Addeline but (add-a-line)but billy was a 100% against it so we compromised with Addison. You two will know- look forward to seeing the pics and hearing about a wonderful delivery!! Good luck!!

MA said...

Best of luck MJ! You're going to do great. Can't wait to see pictures of your little guy- oh and hear what name you decided on :) Love ya

Jenn said...

So neat your little guy is going to be an April Fool's baby! Hopefully you don't go in to be induced and your mid-wife look at you with a devilish grin...."April Fool's" she says....haha, just kidding of course:) I hope everything goes wonderfully and I really wish I could be there...I am missing out on so much stuff! I'll quit whining and be thankful, but I do wish somehow I could be there. In spirit for sure, love you and little Oli' too*wink*

Domesticated-Bliss said...


Mrs. Dontje said...

love all the names! but my husband votes oliver and i vote felix!! hope everything goes well! can't wait to see pictures :))

allie said...

oh my gosh! you probably have a new baby by now! SO EXCITING! congratulations. i'm having fun looking through your blog! thanks for the sweet comment you left me i'm so happy to have found yours!