another list.

To Do this weekend:
Birthday lunch with Daddio and Sheree
Birthday dinner with Lindsey and Joe-Z
Hit 100 followers just in time for my b-day (Cmon people, we're soooo close!)
Get my church on
Ummm prepare for our new addition...?
Have a baby

Sounds easy enough yes?

Hope you enjoy your weekend!


Meagan said...

I want to find a POOL I can go to. I am alllllmost breaking down and getting a kiddy pool so Brin and I can soak outside on hot days. I wish there was a community pool!!

Wonsch Family said...

wish we could be there for your bday dinner! Hope you have a great weekend. Maybe the last one as three!

Jennifer said...

Aww. You are such a cute pregnant woman. I know you are so excited about your baby! You have such a cute little family!

Kristin said...

Oh you know. Just an everyday weekend to-do list :-) Enjoy it all girl! You deserve it!