he's still in there!

Apparently I caused some major confusion with my last post. Sorry about that! But, I am still pregnant here, only 36 weeks along so we still have lotsa time. Unfortunately.

This pregnancy has definitely been much more challenging than my first. Physically, emotionally, financially. Pretty much every way around it. Drew and I both slug around like zombies that haven't feasted on brains in weeks. It's pretty sad. Yesterday we pretty much laid on the couch all day while Miles played around us. Thank goodness, for a sweet friend who dropped by last night and cleaned up my living room for me. One less thing I had to do to be ready to "open" this morning.  Love her.

But seriously, I wouldn't mind having him a couple weeks early. I mean, I am full term in a week. I've got spots ready for all my daycare kiddos. All my baby emails are saying "Your baby could come anytime now!" Let's just do this thing!

But then I fear the infant stage very very much... it will be good to have my body functioning normally again (after 6 weeks) but how am I really gonna handle two kids plus a 50 hr work week plus keeping the house up? Quitting work is not an option and I don't really like living in filth so... I guess we'll just have to see what happens. Probably a lot of me being very very tired all the time. But I suppose that's the life of a mother of two? Yes? No? Moms of multiple kids out there, any suggestions??? Seriously, this is NOT a rhetorical question, I need HELP!

Am I whining again? Maybe. I never expected to be a big ole whiny prego. Those types always kinda aggravate me. Maybe I aggravate myself a little these days though. Rambling thoughts, see how they go on and on and on... Oh my mind.


In good news a group of friends threw me the most adorable shower this weekend! It was Bow Tie themed and I can not wait to share pics with you! The hostesses and guests really helped me focus on the positives of being pregnant... THE BABY!!! Oh, he is going to be so yummy I just know it.

I have a Dr. visit in about an hour so tomorrow I'll update you with all the gory details. I go every week from now til delivery so that's exciting! And hopefully this blog takes a turn for the more interesting soon. I'm afraid I've bored you dear readers to death with all the ramblings of a spinning pregnant mind. Thanks for sticking with me. :0)



Barbie and Craig said...

Love you, M. I know EXACTLY how you feel...just looking around at my messy house and on my way to lay down in bed. Ugh. I want it to be over, but then...newbrons are so hard. They are so much easier inside, but a lot less fun :)

This pregnancy has been easier for me...much easier...and for ONE and ONLY reason....I'm not working. It makes it about a billion and a half times harder, so I truly feel for you there. May Heavenly Father bless you with a time (soon!) that you won't have to worry about working. Just keeping your own sweet boys healthy and happy.

Keep your chin up! If you couldn't handle it, you wouldn't be bringing another perfect little boy in this world. YOU are AMAZING. That's why you get to be a mommy :) and wife :) and caregiver :) and friend :)


Michelle said...

Babysitting other people's kids while caring for your own babies and trying to keep your house from being a disaster is HARD! I don't really have any advice except to say that this time in your life will go by fast(even though it doesn't seem like it right now...)Try to enjoy the time you have with them as babies. They get big fast.

Man, I sound like an old foggie!!!

Lindy said...

Honestly, I don't know how you do it. You work, keep house, raise babies, and look fabulous pretty much all the time. It's amazing!
Good luck with everything, and hopefully you'll get a chance to recharge soon!

Boraz said...

I really believe you will be blessed and you will have the energy and strength to do what you need to do! You may have to tolerate a little messy a little more often...with multiple kids in the house, that happens anyhow.

Just pick a mantra type thing. Mine was "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me" and repeat it over and over! Will be praying for you! Vicky

Please excuse Matt's nametag...I am too lazy to go look up my stuff..which keeps changing!

BlackBelle said...

You are great! Hang in there. Just all part of "The Life and Times of Mrs. Blimes :) Heavenly Father knows best! Love you Mrs. Blimes!