i love you and here's why.

Because last night in the double seater shopping cart at Publix, (the one that looks like a car. Your favorite. In fact you won't allow me to call it a cart. It has to be called "the car.") You patted the seat beside you and said "Baby brother can sit there." I love you.

Because last night in another shopping cart when you wanted to get down you looked at me very seriously and said "Mommy hold me. I have a rash." Ah, you know how to play me so well. I love you.

Because as I was changing one of your friends diapers yesterday you ran off into my room and closed the door and when I finally finished up and found you, you had let yourself out the doggie door and were sitting in my chair in the backyard singing Follow the Prophet to yourself. I love you.

Because whenever you hear birds singing outside you let me know that they too are singing Follow the Prophet. I love you.

Because you would let me read you a million books at bedtime so I'd stay with you a little longer. I love you.

Because of the way you act out your stories as you're telling them. "I was running to the car like this (then you run) and I fell down like this (then you fall) and I hurt my knee." I love you.

Because of the face you make when you're jammin' out to a good song. I love you.

Because sometimes after we hug you say "I love you," before I can beat you to it. I love you.

Baby Miles, there are so so many reasons why I love you and it seems like everyday you give me more.

I love you,



Domesticated-Bliss said...

this is so sweet :) you have such a special little boy! and your sentimental pregnancy hormone posts are starting to get to me - i'm like on the verge of happy tears every time i read one :)

Sharstin said...

so so presh! what a fabulous mama you are~ happy weekend~