wednesday ramble. and i mean ramble.

It is Wednesday and sleep is escaping me. Soon to be followed by my sanity. It is soooo hard to get comfy in bed at night. I wonder if I might fare better in a big ole Lazy Boy. I don't have one of those anyway so it doesn't matter much.

I'm pretty sure I didn't get to the part of pregnancy where I could barely roll myself over in bed with Miles until the very end. And here I am still 6 weeks out and I need a crane to hoist me over... or up for that matter. Sigh. How do women do this 3, 4, 5 times??? Many of the older women in my life that I admire so very much have several more than two children but at this moment I can't see us passing the pair of boys I'm currently caring for. Never say never though right?

The heartburn today doesn't really help either. I neeeeed an ICEE. Cherry flavored please. Giant, red and freezing to numb my throat. Sounds perfect.

Today, while these kiddos sleep I am, working on a couple decor projects/doing laundry/sweeping and mopping/blogging... pretty much everything except staying off my feet. But I feel the need to get things done around here. I have this sneaking suspicion lately that baby brother might just make an early arrival. Could just be wishful thinking though...

I have one blank space in my dining room that haunts me everyday and I am on a mission to fill it asap. I also want to wash and repaint all the base boards and doors in my house, organize and de-clutter every room (again) and prepare every needful thing so we are ready. The plan is to be ready by the end of the second week in march, just in case... Unfortunately I have all but lost my partner in crime to the FSU MBA program. It is mid-term time and asking him to organize/repaint/shop with me seems selfish. Last night he was at church until almost 11pm. He helps out with the finances up there and since it's tax season and all it's time to crunch all the numbers together.

I got very very worried about him last night. As he was leaving my mind kept telling me that it would be the last time I ever saw him alive. Strange and terrible thought. (I of course told myself over and over that it was just OCD lying to me...turns out I was right). But it was scary nonetheless and the gnawing thoughts kept me awake until he made it home safe. Then we ate Reese's eggs and passed out.

Sorry about the ramble-a-thon, I'm tired and my thoughts are all running together today. Back to work!



Domesticated-Bliss said...

You are nesting nesting my friend!

Mrs. Blimes said...

It's so true Jess!