some things I like about you and me.

* When one of us is sick the other always goes to get the medicine. Even if the ailing one is closer to the cabinet it's in. I like that.

* The way you wait out in the hall for me after class at church. (And sometimes when I take too long you just come in after me.)

* That we make beautiful music together. (Literally. Let's learn that one song you were talking about the other day soon k?) And also, I need to know how to play an F.

* That we have similar senses of style, even though it's different than mostly everyone elses. How'd that happen?

* The way we think the same things are funny.

* The way we don't fight.

* The way you never get mad at me. How is that possible anyway? Maybe you're just really good at hiding it...?

* That you aren't picky of me not ever wanting to cook anything that's not pre-packaged/frozen lately. (I am getting seriously lazy in this last trimester.

* That you told me I looked skinny the other day. :0)

* That I know you would do ANYTHING and I really do believe anything to make me happy.

I love you hunnie. Let's make a baby. Oh wait, we already did that twice. Okay, let's just snuggle then. ;0)



The Hargretts said...

This is sooo sweet! You and your hubby are totally one of my favorite couples. You two just click so well. =)

Lindy said...

You GUYS are so adorably married.

Also, Miles was totally rockin' his new do in nursery today. I asked him if he got a hair cut and he said "Yea!" and stroked his little faux hawk with a smile. Cutie!

freya said...

so sweet.

Domesticated-Bliss said...

you-guys-are-too-stinkin-cute-for-words :)