30 week stats.

(My arm looks like a big juicy chicken leg... I kinda wanna fry it up and go to town.)

A little pregnancy survey...

How many weeks: 30 woot!

How much weight gain: Right at 25lbs... dang.

Best things about being pregnant: The tiny person I get to smother with love and booby juice in 2 1/2 months! Compliments from strangers. Feeling justified in indulging cravings.

Worst things about being pregnant: No sushi. The smell of Cocoa Butter. Working 55 hr weeks with a giant bowling ball belly. Mood swings.

What are you most excited for: The moment he arrives. I plan on having the epidural this time if it means avoiding those crazy loopy drugs. I want to be present when my baby arrives!

What is your biggest fear: The aftermath. The first month or so of adjusting to mothering a newborn and a two year old and working and keeping up with the house... I have faith that the Lord will see us through but it will be a challenge no doubt.

Current craving: Sweets! Dunkin Doughnuts are always on my mind lately... And cherry Airheads. Yum. And chicken...lots and lots of chicken. I need some chicken right now in fact.

After baby body attack plan: First of all BREAST FEEDING! Easiest calorie burn ever! Then P90X of course. It gives the best results in the least amount of time. Gotta be beach ready right? After that I want to join a gym and ease my way back into the group fitness world. I really miss teaching lately.

Words of Wisdom: Be kind to yourself. Think and say nice things about you often. Pregnancy is a time of tumultuous emotions so take it as easy as you can and just enjoy the ride. (Words I reeeeally need to live by lately)

Happy Monday all, I'm off to the Dr in a few, I'll let ya know how it all goes!



Domesticated-Bliss said...

Oh you look positively beautiful :) Lovin the baby bump but my fave part of this pic is your footwear!

Meg Fletcher said...

Girl you look amazing! I'm conveniently forgetting my weight check-up to check-up but they haven't scolded me so I guess I'm going ok.