a few things I love about my miles today.

-When you say "you" and "your" you leave out the "y" and just say "ooo" and "oar."  Thats pretty darn cute.

-The way you insist on doing a workout EVERYDAY. You do lunges, chest flies, push-ups, jumping jacks and  pull ups. (That's when you stand on the stove drawer and hold the bar and "pull" yourself up and down) You always want to use the weights and do exactly what mommy and daddy do when they work out. It is really funny.

-You randomly burst into song. Lately it's been Follow The Prophet. But you have been known to make up your own little ditties.

-When you say chocolate it sounds like "tockwet" Unbelievably adorable.

-When you get really excited and shout "Let's run together!" and then take off down the hall.

-Sometimes while you run you say "Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!"

-When you say "kitchen" it sounds like "ticken" and sometimes "chicken" That makes me smile. "To the chicken mommy!"

-Sometimes when you address me or daddy you call us "My mommy" or "My daddy."  "What are you doing my Daddy?" "Where are you my mommy?"

-The fact that words like "Everybody, anywhere, bigger, again," and lots of other words I didn't realize you knew how to use have suddenly popped into your everyday vocabulary!

-You are changing and growing so so fast Miles. Soon you will become a big brother and I just know you are going to be wonderful at it!

Love you to pieces,


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Domesticated-Bliss said...

so sweet! you really do have a darling little boy :)