never fully dressed.

(Me. About 4 weeks pregnant with Miles. I didn't even know it yet.)

Today I am so grateful for a fresh perspective. I am so so happy that the sun did in fact rise this morning.

Yesterday was... a beast. By the end of the day I felt the world would have been better off if I'd just never gotten out of bed. Not my most awesome day. The weird thing was, it wasn't like the whole day went wrong. There were just moments of complete, what's a good term here... lame in the lame hole-ed-ness. (That's a Drew-ism there.)

I was impatient and cranky with my two most favorite people. It was one of those days when even the funniest thing ever couldn't make me crack a smile.

I don't want to be greedy with my smiles. Drew is always so happy when I smile and laugh with him. He may be the only adult on earth that thinks I'm funny. I kinda love that about him. Thank you Drew for sitting through yet another cry fest with me last night. (Oh pregnancy hormones you are seriously seriously intense this time around.)

Recently I read a book called The Power of A Positive Mom and a quote from it keeps coming to mind these days. (It is a really great book overall but the first half packs most of the punch in my opinion). There is a chapter titled The Beauty of a Smile that especially rang true with me. It was all about not waiting until you feel like smiling to do it, just go ahead and smile; because your smile is a gift to those around you. Here's just a snippet...

"A cheerful look sends an uplifting message that says, 'Whether I feel it or not, there is something to smile about. There is something in our lives for which we can be glad!'  Our children and family members need to hear that message- and so do we."

Yes, today is a new day and there has been laughter and smiles all around. Isn't it beautiful that we are always (God willing) granted a fresh start; every single day?


(The sneaky smile. One of my very favorites. Even if he was trying to escape the backyard at the time.)
(Also, Drew gave him that hair cut, not too shabby eh?)


Domesticated-Bliss said...

sending smiles and rainbows your way :) sorry yesterday was a beast, maybe tomorrow will bring beauty!

love the sneaky smile and the not-so-shabby haircut!

Wonsch Family said...

Oh my goodness, Miles is so handsome and grown up in this pic! I'm sorry you weren't having a happy day yesterday. I can't wait to feel better and be able to be a better friend again. I miss you Marq!