miles makes me skinny. (sorta)

This morning I was carrying my tiny guy around and as I walked past the mirror I noticed that with him on my hip I looked totally un-pregnant! (Not that I'm complaining about being prego, yall know I have it way too EEEEEASY when it comes to that department.) But in that moment I looked like good ole regular sized me... maybe even almost skinny! Ha! So of course I re-created the exact angle and made Drew take a picture. Just cuz it's nice to feel skinny these days, even if  it requires using my toddler to hide the basket ball belly :0) And plus, you can't deny your love for my stripey pj pants and big fluffy slippers. C'mon.

 (Also pictured... Mable Muffin Moo our tiny pomeranian, and a snippet of my vanity with my eeek aerosol hairspray... haven't gone quite that green yet... Oops!)

Do I look non-prego to you or am I just reaching here?



Domesticated-Bliss said...

Actually you do look deceptively "un-pregnant" here! though I have to say you are a beautiful prego my friend :) embrace the belly!

Kim said...

yep! you're right! you look non-prego! thank goodness for little ones we can hide behind on days we need that little boost! :) lol!

Ryan and Meagan said...

You actually do! Go girl!!! um, that is the FIRST I've seen of your dog. She is adorable!

Me said...

Lucky you. You don't get pregnant in your arms and face. When I was pregnant there would be no hiding it with a child covering my stomach area. I am still fighting to get rid of the fat arms. I mean, what the heck, why did my arms have to get fat when I was pregnant??

Amanda said...

you always look wonderful! and little muffin is adorable! :)