your soul is full of unwashed socks. your heart is full of gunk.

 Miles checking out his stocking last Christmas.

Sweet baby with Santa.

Ah Christmas time! It is so so so fun having a young child at Christmas time! Miles looooves to have me carry him around the room, point out, and discuss all the different Christmas decorations. He is so very intrigued by all the decorating and the many packages that arrive almost daily... One of us really enjoys online Christmas shopping... and that same one of us may or may not be completely done wrapping every gift he got the other one of us (which was way too many I might add.) But I can't deny I am excited to open all the boxes on Christmas morning!

(Because this picture made me laugh today.)

I'm pretty sure Miles will be an expert un-wrapper this year and am very very ready to watch him tear into the gifts! Last year it took 2 days for him to finish opening everything, then his birthday came the day after that! We watched a lot of minutes of present opening last year!

I would have to say that Miles' favorite Christmas traditions so far are watching and helping narrarate "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" and eating the candy from the advent calendar (Thanks for that S!). He can quote the movie. Is that bad? He is pretty much obsessed with Mr. Grinch... He even chooses Grinch over Elmo and that is a big deal... I'm starting to wonder if I should have started planning a Grinch birthday party for him 6 months ago instead of Elmo... Oh well.

And a picture of me... You can't even tell here that I've gained 16 lbs and have  rolls on my back now! Yep, I'm that hot people. 6 months pregnant is happening.

I can't tell you how happy I am that today is Friday.  My sister and family are headed to town tonight so we'll be partying it up for her b-day tomorrow! I am excited to give her the gift I created for her... and to finally be able to share it with you!


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Barbie and Craig said...

Ok. You made my day on several notes, here. First of all, I love your son. But that is clearly no surprise at this point.

Second, and most selfishly, i LOVE that you have gained 16 pounds, because I am insanely jealous of your hot body, and I KNOW it is still hot!!!!! I, my friend, have gained 17 and was feeling horrible about myself, but maybe I AM the same as the skinny girls after all!!! You know I kinda want to BE you, right? Thank you for making me feel better about myself, back rolls and all :)